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Embassy Records. The label that reigned supreme, on Woolworth’s counters, from 1955 to 1965.

The designated name was Embassy. “House" versions, later to become known as "covers", were not always in the same style, of current hits in the U.K. and America, deviating slightly from the practice carried out by all major record labels in the 1950s

The BIG difference, was in the price, 4/6d, for a double sided hit.

They were produced and manufactured by Oriole Records for F.W. Woolworth & Co.Ltd. from late 1954 until 1965, when the Oriole company was sold to C.B.S.

The last recording session took place 26th July 1965.

Does anyone have any snippets of info they are prepared to share? If anyone has any ideas, you could always email john at embassyrecords dot co dot uk

Back in the, now, dim and distant days of the 1950s, when popularity charts were compiled from sheet music sales, rather than those of records. It was the song, not necessarily the artist, that the public wanted to hear, so, before the days of karaoke, when most homes had a piano, many parlours would resound with (very dubious) do-it- yourself music….Probably, much to the annoyance of close neighbours…..

British record companies, at the time had their own “house” artists, who recorded American hits, and there were often at least two versions of a song available. Tough luck, if your favourite had sold out!

Woolworths went a step further, they covered British artist’s songs as well., But, on records selling at a much more affordable price. The 1950s WERE days of austerity, for most people, in a country, trying to return to normal, following the ravages of war.