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Embassy Records. The label that reigned supreme, on Woolworth’s counters, from 1955 to 1965.

It's great to hear so much comment coming in about our fondly remembered label and nice to think that so many others share an interest in this piece of popular music history. We all know of course that when these particular records were made, that the time that was allowed for the recording of each individual record was literally minutes, following a few days of learning the tune along with particular phrasing that was sometimes required, so it was small wonder that certain "cock ups" occasionally happened. Here then are five of my all time favourite faux pa's.

Great singer that he was, poor old Rikki Henderson has to be number one on the list.

WB455 "My Kind of Girl" - After a lovely performance he gets right to the end of the song and instead of singing "She told me I'm her kind of Boy, he sings "She told me, She's my kind of Boy" which rather spoilt the context of the song.

WB608 "Kiss Me Quick". Poor old Rikki this time sings on the verse for the second time,after getting it right first time round "Let that band PRAYING while we keep swaying, let's keep on PLAYING that they'll never stop, which is of course a complete reversal of key words.

WB636 "My Guy" A great rendition by Marilyn Lee with an amusing line which again after the correct lyrics the first time round "No Muscle bound Man could take the hand of My Guy" became "No Muscle Man bound could take the hand of My Guy" which didn't quite have the same ring but in some ways still just about makes sense, even though the rhyming certainly didn't work.

WB492 "Let's Twist Again".Poor old Rikki H is again involved but not his fault this time! I think this one goes to the Mike Sammes singers because in the speaking part when Rikki asks "Who's that flying up there? Is it a Bird", then just listen to the reply which of course should be no, because half the response is "Yeah" whilst the other half say correctly "No". Whoops!

WB510 "Come Outside" Lastly I have to mention this because you can almost hear a pause when Ray (Bobby Stevens) Pilgrim came up with the line "Cos it ain't right to want to keep on (DARN-SING) dancing' ah! won't be anytime for Romancing, the ah! almost suggesting he realises that it should have been (DAN-SING) and was not going to rhyme with romancing! I hope to find out soon if this was indeed true.

Anyway, it's easy to unfairly nit pick what was such an incredibly super slick operation with an amazing turn round time of Learn the song to the finished product on the Woolies counters which was all done in around a week. So please don't think I'm being in anyway nasty but it's just because that as schoolboy who was purchasing every new release at the time it was something I really noticed and certain memories stay with you forever. I certainly would never claim to be able to learn a song in a couple of days and get it spot on but I sometimes think it's a shame that there never a chance of a second take when things did go slightly wrong.

With the sheer amount of material being recorded, in such a short time span, there’s bound to have been the odd error, here or there.

Stuart Ralls takes time to observe the one’s he’s found.